Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation

Aims and Scope

Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation publishes peer-reviewed scientific articles for the advancement of biomedical engineering in relationship to patient safety, patient care, automated instrumentation for clinical decision making, and rehabilitation. It is the oldest engineering journal that encompasses the individual and collaborative efforts of scientists in clinical medicine, dentistry, basic and applied sciences, engineering, and bioethics. The journal is dedicated to the publication of outstanding articles of interest in the biomedical engineering research community.

Society Information

BeginningĀ in 1963, the Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium is the oldest, continuously held biomedical engineering symposium in the United States. It was founded by a group of the most visionary and historical individuals at the US Air Force Academy in the engineering field to promote dialog and the exchange of ideas and experiences between attendees, including between professionals and students.

From its beginning as a regional meeting it has grown to a global event regularly attracting attendees from across the world. Since 1970, it has merged with the International Society of Automation Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation Symposium. Submitted papers are peer-reviewed, and those accepted for presentation and publication appear in the yearly issue of Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation journal, an internationally distributed publication by International Academic Express Company Ltd (

Editorial board


Michelle A. Tucci, PhD, FAIMBE, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Associate Editors

Hamed Benghuzzi, PhD, FAIMBE, FBSE, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Lynne Jones, PhD, FAIMBE, FBSE, Johns Hopkins University

Adel Mohamed, MD, University of Saskatchewan

Elena Oggero, PhD, University of Wyoming

Guido Pagnacco, PhD, University of Wyoming

Julian Thayer, PhD, The Ohio State University

Yoshiharu Yonezawa Hiroshima Institute of Technology

Editorial Board

Jeff Anderson, PhD, University of Wyoming

Steve Barrett, PhD, University of Wyoming

Kenneth Butler, PhD, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Amanda Brooks, PhD, University of North Dakota

Joseph A. Cameron, PhD, Jackson State University

Ibrahim Farah, PhD, Jackson State University

Paul Frenger, MD, A Working Hypothesis, Inc.

Patrick Patterson, PhD, Texas Tech University

David Paulus, PhD, University of Arkansas

Brian Stemper, PhD, University of Wisconsin

John Sollers III, PhD, North Carolina Central University

Gabi Waite, PhD, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Lee Waite, PhD, Engineering Consultant

Jennifer Wagner, PhD, University of Colorado

Cameron Wright, PhD, University of Wyoming

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